The international campaign to save of the detentions in the centers and prisons conflicting parties in Syria


The international campaign to save of the detentions  in the  centers and prisons conflicting parties in Syria

(Determine the day of the Syrian man)

Because of detainees and detention centers they may have forgotten or have been forgotten at the international and the local level

And because they also live in inhumane conditions in all prisons system and armed battalions

And because there is no t international or local law care with them or  believe in them a good human treatment or just trail

Because the  human values and principles are no longer a measure of the warring parties in Syria.

And there is no longer any law adjusts the human values and principles in Syria.


A full four years have passed since the beginning of the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Assad’s regime to demand freedom and dignity and the most basic human rights, and since the first day of the system of  security which belong  to regime that services  the citizens who  demand of  freedom responded with excessive force and detention ` killing  and torture in prisons .

In addition to that there are warring parties in Syria take the same system in the manner of the arrest and torture and even murder without trial or field courts and illegal.

But the greatest tragedy continued until today is the tragedy of the detainees:

More than two hundred thousand prisoners and at least five and eighty thousand person .they have been absent stay in the regular detention centers and irregular of the system and the parties to the conflict in Syria.

By adding to the torture systematic processes  in the regime’s prisons and other and its arrest centers caused the killing of at least thirteen thousand detainees under torture as it is  documented by Syrian human rights organizations, including a ten thousand prisoners were leaked photographs by someone who works in the police of  the military which belong to the  regime and that regime take photos  to the bodies of the victims and that they are  documented.

the Crimes and abuses which are committed by the regime against the detainees:

First: torture.

in  detention  centers which belong  to regime`  the  detainees   are tortured with the  ugliest methods under the silence of the international community that is representative of   the United Nations and multilateral organizations concerned in this regard and  the head of them  are  International Red Cross and the major powers, which calls for public freedoms and to preserve human rights and in the forefront United States of America.

fifty-five thousand photographs have been leaked   and this back to eleven     thousand prisoners died under torture in the most horrendous and brutal methods in the forces of the Assad regime detention centers and still these images seep every day to increase the tragedy of the detainees’ families when identifying their children and may have been killed in this barbaric ways without the enjoyment of any right of detainees’ rights.

That this crime is  up to  formation  a crime against humanity according to Article VII of the Rome Statute governing the International Criminal Court and it is an integrated crime Chiefs of the following applies:

1: The perpetrator inflicted severe pain or suffering, whether  that  pain is  physical or mental to person or more

2: Such person or persons were detained by the perpetrator or under his control.

3that pain or suffering did not arise only from legitimate inherent in or affiliated with sanctions.

4: The conduct was committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack was directed against a civilian population.

5: The perpetrator was  knowing that the conduct was part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population or was intending this  the conduct to be part of that attack.

And also it was forming  a war crime according to Article VIII of the same system and the same applies Chiefs.

Second: the Military Court of the field:

in Syria` it`s Old history returns to the sixties period of the twentieth century, and there has been a modification in the constitution in 1973 and it`s work  was directed in the eighties of the last century during the events related to the conflict between Hafez al-Assad regime and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Court structure: is formed by a decision of the Minister of Defense and Chairman of two members and not less than the rank of the president for a pilot and captain for Members.

Provisions: provisions are not up at best to the rank of courts of law and the fair is considered non-existent for civilians.

its decisions  issue a break does not accept  any subject to any of the remedies, and they apply after  ratification by the competent authority and are carried in accordance with the judicial legislation which are known.

Where death sentences are subject to ratification by the President. The rest is being ratification provisions of the Minister of Defense.

only the Head of State or Secretary of Defense allow them to reduce the punishment or replace of  other penalty or replace canceled keeping with the lawsuit, also may have to order the retrial before another court field.

In the 1973 constitution has been modified to make the Syrian Constitution, the creation of secret courts are called field courts with the addition of an item includes (failure to prosecute any of the workers in the administration for the crimes which they commit while are performing specific tasks or assigned to them).

And at the start of the popular movement in Syria in March 2011 its  active returned than the previous until they called (the tomb of activists and revolutionaries), and bad reputation derived  of its cruelty rulings, which began of five years up to the death penalty.

the  persons ` who were tried  they were transferred to Sednaya military prison where the accommodation where there were equally bad for the security branches.

According to witnesses frequent information and, most of were transferred to this court were activists in the medical field and relief or were arrested randomly and forcing them under torture in the security services to sign and thumb-print false confessions without any legal document, and provisions against some had been issued and it has been implemented based on what enclose the detainee file.

And usually it is sentencing through at least ten days or a maximum of one month and it is implemented by the Minister of Defense in two or three.

We therefore call on the representatives of the international community as we mentioned above, including the following:

First, pressure on all   the various possible means Assad regime and the conflicting parties to open prisons before an international inspection teams competent to monitor and follow up the situation of detainees in the security branches and the central prisons and other irregular  places of detention which are mentioned in human rights reports.

Second, demanding on the closure of the military field court immediately because they do not enjoy any of the standards of justice and the simplest and because its provisions arbitrarily issued mostly by death or life imprisonment on the activists peaceful civilians.

Third: claiming on  the Assad regime and the disputing parties to reveal the fate of the detainees who are forcibly Disappeared  and  Persons  are more than five and eighty thousand prisoners.

Fourth, demanding on   the United Nations to issue a resolution from Security Council for formation of an ad hoc committee to uncover on the mass graves in which the regime was buried thousands of victims of the detainees, especially cemeteries in the area Njha in Rural Damascus, which has been photographed by satellite and issued its existence several human rights reports based on physical evidences and witnesses of the same elements of the system.

Fifth: pressure on Russia and China internationally and morally because do not to hinder converting  crimes file to the International Criminal Court by the UN Security Council.


The campaign will depend on:


  1. The formation of committees in all European and Arab countries to support the campaign.
  2. Open pages on facebook of the number of languages to sign and support the campaign.
  3. Preparation of campaigns in Europe: to put pressure on governments to make the decision to support the United Nations in the formation of committees to monitor and investigate on the detainee affairs in all prisons in of Syria and include: (establishment of marches and sit-ins in Europe – the preparation of seminars and lectures at universities – secure lecturers to explain the real image of Syria and violations of human rights – the establishment of shows pictures of the detainees and videos).
  4. It is imperative that there is an active role for the media to support the campaign.
  5. communication with embassies to support the campaign.
  6. claiming the US government and European governments, and the head of them British government to adopt a Security Council resolution in prisons watching to the conflict parties  in Syria and logistical assistance to identify the locations of the prisons and secret  detention centers.
  7. preparing advisory committees for the construction of centers for the rehabilitation of prisoners and detainees and their integration in the community in places of refuge inside Syria and these centers are under the authority of international bodies.
  8. determining a united Day  start on it marches in all countries of the world to support the campaign and its support and international pressure.


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